Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's now only three months until the presidential election, and while I have my opinions, I find myself still a generally undecided voter. However, here are some other things of which I am sure:
  • I have decided to stay well-informed to the best of my ability regarding local and national politics and issues that affect the nation and its citizenry.
  • I have decided that I will perform my civic duty and vote with a full ballot for the candidates best equipped to serve and defend the country.
  • I have decided not to partake in the divisive cynicism that undermines our government and disillusions Filipinos from the democratic process.
  • I have decided not to be hoodwinked by propaganda techniques and logical fallacies, nor to utilize them to support or oppose candidates.
  • I have decided not to resort to demonizing the other presidential candidates after I do make my decision who to vote for.
  • I have decided to support, recognize, and respect the office of the 15th President of the Philippines, whoever that person may be.