Monday, February 15, 2010

Philippine Election 2010 - The Facebook Campaign

So, I scoured Facebook to check how many fans each Philippine presidential candidate has. And here you go:

Methodology: I only counted the number of fans from each presidential candidate's one most popular fan page. Some candidates have fans spread out over a bunch of minor fan pages, but if we start rounding those up and combining them it risks slipping too far into the subjective. Plus, it's possible for one person to be a fan of multiple pages.

Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar are way ahead of the pack. Aquino leads with 661k fans, and Villar is not far behind with 630k. Gibo Teodoro is probably the only other one worth mentioning, with a respectable 155k.

This is followed by Eddie Villanueva with 30k, Richard Gordon with 15k, Joseph Estrada with 7k, Nicanor Perlas with 3k, Jamby Madrigal with 600, and JC de los Reyes with 500.

As for "Vetellano Acosta" (I must put his name in quotation marks, as it seems unclear whether this candidate actually exists), he scrapes the bottom of the barrel with a jaw dropping 6 fans. The only page for him that I could find was called "Vetellano Acosta for Philippine President?"-- yes, with a question mark-- and listed other presidential candidates as its favorite pages. The page's only wall post asked, appropriately, "Sino ba si Mr. Vetellano Acosta?". Nobody knows.

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