Thursday, November 29, 2007

Trillanes Strikes Back

What happened today in Makati affirms what we should have deduced four years ago: Antonio Trillanes just wants attention.

When learning about their silly little escapade today the gut reaction is a swift palm to the face. What the hell are these guys thinking? How could they have been so stupid? Do they really think any good can come of this? And how many of the hapless stooges he brought along with him actually believed they were out to accomplish something? But of course they're not really out there to accomplish anything, just to make a lot of noise. No one is in the mood for this shit right now. Surely he realizes that he's trying to fan the flames at a time when there's barely a hint of smoke.

In the end, the merry band of rebels were arrested, as all but the most dense of observers surely expected. But the loser here is not Trillanes or his knuckleheaded disciples, just the Filipino people who work so hard to project an image of stability that has eluded us for decades. It is such a waste that a spoiled brat with a tantrum can do so much harm.

Trillianes a two-dimensional caricature on our political landscape. He's not a lawmaker, not a statesman, and he is certainly no patriot. History will remember him not for his accomplishments or vision, but for his destructive and insatiable ego.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Once again I find myself with so much to say that I am effectively speechless. Whatever I say at this point will be utterly dwarfed be the significance of the circumstances that surround me.

So here's a picture of me with an awesome pumpkin:

Check it out, it's me and mah' pumpkin.