Friday, January 28, 2011

12 Photos from US Trip 2011

On Monday night I got back from a three week trip to the U-S-A. Two weeks of work in freezing Wisconsin, then one week of vacation in sunny Southern California. Last time I was in the US was in late 2007 when I went to Atlanta for work (with a different company).

Here are 12 of my favorite pictures:

12. Santa Monica skyline seen from the pier

11. Getty Villa

10. Milwaukee Bucks vs. San Antonio Spurs

9. Chicago skyline as seen from the Adler Planetarium

8. The Bean in Chicago's Millennium Park

7. Getting drunk on tequila with Mexicans at Hooters

6. Ball jumping outside Milwaukee's Miller Park

5. Snowboarding at Mountain High

4. On glass at the observation deck of the Sears Tower

3. Chasing a goose outside the Harley-Davidson Museum

2. Battling the snow

1. Oozing manliness in Wisconsin

Monday, January 3, 2011

Highlights of 2010

Just a bunch of stuff that happened.

Happy new year 2010
Bowser's Inside Story
Finished new hire training at HP
Started actual work at HP
Got Loren a laptop

First work from home
Weekend vacation in Dumaguete
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Pacquiao vs. Clottey
Saw Jason Castro at Market Market
Donated blood
Signed the Articles of Incorporation for Wikimedia Philippines

Holy Week in Dumaguete
First on-call shift
Turned 25
Vacation in Cebu
Bought a ring, proposed, got engaged. Yeehaw!

Voted for the first time
Work outing at Costa de Oro, Batangas

Noynoy becomes president

Hong Kong vacation
Visited Disneyland, Ocean Park Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Victoria Peak
SQL training

Manila Ocean Park
Wild offsite at Canyon Cove, Batangas

Wedding seminar
ITIL training

Was godfather at a baptism
Nearly 2-week vacation in Dumaguete
Ran the first of five 5Ks fun runs

Joe's wedding
Pacquiao vs. Margarito

First 10K fun run
A whole bunch of high school reunions

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Numbers of 2010

One of the practical lessons I've picked up from work is to document what you do-- if there's no record of what you accomplished, then it's like you didn't do it at all. Such is life.

310 days in Manila, 46 days in Dumaguete, 4 days in Cebu, 3 days in Hong Kong, and 2 days in Batangas.

18 plane rides. 2 of those were international flights.

0 Philippine islands set foot on the the first time.

1 blood donation.

2 Pacquiao fights watched on choppy streams.

7 fun runs joined. That's 41 kilometers in 245 minutes.

1 wedding attended. 1 baptism attended. 0 funerals attended.

5 Christmas parties.

4 days of sick leave. 5 days of vacation leave.

31 work days of day shift. 23 work days of afternoon shift. 154 work days of night shift. 25 work days spent in training.

37 completely work free weekends. 15 weekends with at least 1 day of work / on-call.

50 movies watched. Of those, 46 movies were watched for the first time, and 4 were repeats.

29 movies watched alone, 19 movies watched with another person, and 2 movies watched with a group.

15 movies watched in theaters, 1 movie watched on cable TV.

1118 shots taken on my camera.

3 DS games purchased. 1 Wii game purchased. 2 laptops purchased for others.

49 blog entries.