Friday, January 28, 2011

12 Photos from US Trip 2011

On Monday night I got back from a three week trip to the U-S-A. Two weeks of work in freezing Wisconsin, then one week of vacation in sunny Southern California. Last time I was in the US was in late 2007 when I went to Atlanta for work (with a different company).

Here are 12 of my favorite pictures:

12. Santa Monica skyline seen from the pier

11. Getty Villa

10. Milwaukee Bucks vs. San Antonio Spurs

9. Chicago skyline as seen from the Adler Planetarium

8. The Bean in Chicago's Millennium Park

7. Getting drunk on tequila with Mexicans at Hooters

6. Ball jumping outside Milwaukee's Miller Park

5. Snowboarding at Mountain High

4. On glass at the observation deck of the Sears Tower

3. Chasing a goose outside the Harley-Davidson Museum

2. Battling the snow

1. Oozing manliness in Wisconsin


  1. Love the "manly" photo, Mike! And did you really like the Getty Villa? Didn't it feel a little bit like going to Disneyland?

  2. The Getty Villa was cool, a lot of statues of naked Romans and Greeks. And Disneyland is cool too. :)

  3. As fotos estão muito legais. É uma excelente recordação!