Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Large Coke and Fries

So, last Saturday I went to Burger King in Glorietta for lunch.

I ordered a Whopper Jr. meal since it comes with a free strawberry sundae. The lady at the counter asks me if I'd like large fries and coke-- it's an offer I rarely accept, but today I was just that hungry-- so I say yeah, I'll have your large fries and coke.

What I did not realize is that Burger King has a 3-tiered system for their sizes:
  • There is regular, which is the reasonable size.
  • There is medium, which is what one would usually consider large.
  • And then... and then there is large, which rivals the size of the planet that created it.
The fries seemed to come in the usual large container except it poured out over the top and onto the tray forming a little hill. And the coke was an intimidating surprise worthy of more superlatives and hyperbole. The size of it made the burger struggle for relevance, and reduced the free sundae to a mere afterthought.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me for a photo of the whole meal, but I brought the cup home so I could get a picture of this son of a bitch.

The size of this cup is 1 liter. One whole liter of coke.

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