Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friendster's Fall

My number of friends remaining on Friendster has gone down by around 15 from its peak. I don't have it in me yet to delete my account entirely, so I deleted another 20 people that I've decided are not really friends. Maybe that'll make it easier to let go, eventually. Friendster has become an internet wasteland of neglected, obsolete, and embarassing information.

This is interesting, a Google Trends graph showing search volume for "friendster" and "facebook" in the Philippines:

Friendster continuted to grow gradually over the years, hitting its high point at the end of 2008. It then went into a steep decline throughout 2009, and is now about 70% off from its peak. Notice how the drastic redesign at the end of 2009 barely registered on the graph.

Meanwhile, Facebook exploded in 2009, passing Friendster at around August, and actually becoming bigger than Friendster ever was.

Also interesting, the same graph but for the whole world:

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