Sunday, September 6, 2009

Milo Marathon in Dumaguete

I like running. There's something poetic in the simplicity of it, trying to get from point A to point B in as little time as possible, with nothing to aid you but the strength of your legs and the endurance of your lungs. Kind of like how nerds can appreciate mathematics for the way it expresses pure truth.

This morning I joined the 5K race of the Milo Marathon in Dumaguete, finishing in around 30 minutes. My time would have been better if it weren't for the weird abdominal pain that showed up halfway through, forcing me to walk for a while-- not enough time to digest breakfast, methinks. I probably did better last time, in 2006.

Route: City Hall - Sta. Catalina St. - San Juan St. - Hibbard Ave. (through Silliman) - E.J. Blanco Dr. - Sidlakang Negros (and back)


Start of 5K. Last year, 2234 people finished the 5K in Dumaguete within the curfew time.

Me (left), looking very drained, with other dudes after the race, showing off our certificates of completion.

My time was 31:07, rank 408. In 2006 my time was 28:12, rank 377.


  1. side stiches (that abdominal pain that you experienced) I see. More fluids before a race/long run :)

    congrats! I'd like to complete a marathon someday. or probably when I'm rich enough to join the CEOs doing triathlon. hahaha

  2. I think I was drinking enough fluids... Actually it might have been too much. I was over cautious about being well-hydrated, so I was drinking water up to around 45 minutes before the race. That might have caused it.

  3. Hi Mike, i am inviting you and your buddies to run again in Dumaguete this November 22.

    Try to log-in at Registration will be open soon.

    Congrats! andkKeep running.

  4. ptyp2006: Nice, I'd probably be interested to join if I can. Thanks!