Friday, September 11, 2009

The Jojo Binay Story

So like I was saying, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay visited Valencia last Saturday to meet local political leaders-- and no doubt earn some exposure and support for his presidential campaign. Since then he seems to have been hit by reality and decided to slide down to running for Vice President. We'll see.

At that meeting he gave out a ton of copies of his 34-page campaign comic book: The Jojo Binay Story. Hopefully not paid for by the City of Makati, though it has the city seal on the cover.

Call it contrived, gimmicky... but there's a campiness here that perhaps only I am appreciative of. An ostentation so extreme as to have perversely sophisticated appeal.

Some scans:
Page 6-7

Page 12-13

Lalaban tayo!

After the meeting I went around the tables collecting comics that other people didn't bother to take with them. If I wasn't such a wuss I would have gone up to Binay himself and asked him to sign some copies, probably increasing it's value tenfold. Oh well.


  1. I think I was in early years in highschool when Miriam Santiago run for president. I used to like her a lot, I even cherished the comic-like campaign materials she had (like Binay's). As I look back, I realized I was just so mesmerized by the way she delivered speeches. See, how an innocent one can get hypnotized. ;)

  2. I remember back in the height of the 1998 campaign, I was watching Erap's motorcade in Naga City. One of the vehicles opened its window and a man called out to me and handed me a VHS tape. It was a biopic of a certain Ruben Torres, a candidate for senator. Nothing spectacular in the movie, but I did finish it and got convinced that he's good enough for the senate. Too bad I was only 13, so no vote from me though. He lost, BTW.

    Sometime last year, my brother got a biopic of Chavit Singson from his trip to the Ilocos. The DVD was a giveaway in one of the tourist spots. I find it more action-packed, but the unrealistic lack of sex scenes is disappointing.

    Curiously enough, both movies have Cesar Montano in the starring role.

  3. A comic about Cory and Ninoy was also published early this year (see sample: although under different circumstances.

    Interesting how the comic is such a powerful communication tool among Filipinos.