Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Durhan Tabuelan

Durhan White Beach Resort is a charming little resort in Barangay Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu. It's a 2 or 3 hour drive northwest from Cebu City.

On learning that we were going there for an overnight trip, my initial reaction was to say I wanted to see the town of Tabuelan, but when we got there I changed my mind. It's a very unattractive town. The sides of the road are filled with shabby ukay-ukay stalls (used bras P30 each, used panties P10 each), a very exposed-looking slaughterhouse, and roadside vendors selling the decapitated heads of uncooked pigs. Let's just get the hell out of here and go on to the resort.

Doing a Google image search for "Tabuelan", most of the results are of the beach anyway. The place looks much, much better during high tide than it does during low tide. The sight of the beach during low tide was depressing, and I don't have any pictures of it. But during high tide it looks like a tropical fairy tale.

Here's a few pretty pictures. Lately I've been taking a lot of pictures in a wide aspect ratio, because everything looks better that way.

Their main building. They have rooms in here.

Very green. Very Philippines.

The whole beach isn't rocky like this, but the rocks make for nice pictures.

It's like I'm really in the province!

I'm the wind! Whoosh!

Set the camera to 10 second timer, hurry over to the rock, look out at horizon, feel like idiot.

Sunset. It's like looking at God.


  1. Hi Mike,
    I really like your maps on Google. We are using them at the Translators Association of the Philippines to make some maps for reports on minority language areas. It would be really helpful if each Province also had a map showing all the municipalities in that province. I know you have maps showing each municipality, but we have had to cut and paste to get a map showing all the municipalities. Thanks for using a share friendly copyright! Sue (sueletter juno.com)

  2. Thanks, I'm glad to know they're appreciated. :)

  3. Hey there,

    Im Engelbert Duran Gil, son of one of the owners of Durhans White Beach Resort.. Thank you so much for the positive feedback of the resort..

    Visit this link so you'll also read some comments of the bakasyonista who have visited Durhans White Beach Resort..


  4. Hi!

    First of all,I'd like to thank you for posting a positive comment about the durhan's beach resort.But I can't help but notice about the few lines that describes our town.Yeah,you're right.It's unattractive,ukay2x stalls are lining in the streets and so on.You probably went there on a weekend when it's market day.You don't know the whole history and demographics of the place.
    I felt somewhat offended with what you said about our town.I had nice memories growing up in this unattractive place. But I am truly proud of it.

    But then, you are entitled to your own opinion.

    Have a nice day!

  5. hahahaha mike! its you! we're going there tom.. funny your site came up in the search

    -carlo v
    ateneo dorm

  6. haha... carlo! we seem to keep running into each other. have fun!

  7. hoi,i dont know who you really are,but i thank u 4 appreciating our beach,,,,but i hate those comments about the ukay2x(basin gasulot pud ka og ukay ukay dinha dong)so dont judge our place,,,,,,,did u see the new TABUELAN?

    ohhh wait,,,about those uncooked pig heads,,,,,baligya to oi,,,,,dont you know that,,,,.

  8. Hi everyone, i read all the comments,and i'm also proud of it, how nice is the beach now,compare before when i was their...i always recomend to all of my friends here in united states. nindota oi????/collie fletcher

  9. Looks like a place I would love to visit, the pictures are beautiful.

    Joan Chittenden
    Peoria, IL. USA!!

  10. hello.i'm interested to visit Duran Beach Resort. do you have any contact numbers??