Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bacong Fish

In the municipality of Bacong, Negros Oriental-- a small town neighboring Dumaguete City-- there is a big concrete fish in a vacant grassy field along the highway. (See the location on Google Maps) It's a big convenient landmark to people driving south from Dumaguete, or downhill from Valencia. If you see the fish, that's when you know you're in Bacong.

Last Saturday, Loren and I went to pay him a visit.

If my memory serves me right, the fish was once part of a playground that occupied the field. At some point the playground was removed, and the fish was inexplicably left behind. Maybe it was just too big to demolish. Maybe they didn't want to damage a piece of art. Maybe they just thought it would be funny.

Open wide, fishy!

Someone parked their goat beside the mouth of the fish, so they could keep each other company.

Yeah, so that's how I spent my Valentine's Day. Isn't my girlfriend the best?

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