Monday, February 23, 2009

ABS-CBN presents the abridged Academy Awards

ABS-CBN's telecast of the Oscars was disgraceful. They cut out the entire segments for the awarding of Best Animated Short, Best Live Action Short, and Best Documentary Short. I mean, I know these are categories no one cares about, and it's likely that very few people even noticed that the show was being mutilated, but to deny the winners their moment in the sun is a shame. Who knows what else they cut out.

At one point it came time for awarding of Best Director, which is usually second-to-last if my memory serves me correctly-- So for a few minutes I even thought ABS-CBN edited out the awarding of Best Actor and Best Actress, which would have not only been inexcusable but inexplicable. Given their chronic lack of class I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but it turns out the award ceremony just switched around the order of things a bit.

God forbid things go over schedule and miss their stupid regularly scheduled 1:15 PM Wowowee. Immediately after Hugh Jackman gave his closing farewell there was a cut to Willie Revillamae and his godawful Wowowee-- I nearly threw up at the sight.