Friday, February 9, 2007

WTF moments

Sometimes I find myself in situations so bizarre that I suspect there's a hidden camera filming me, capturing my hilariously oblivious reaction for some reality TV show.

1. This morning while I was walking down a quiet road on my way to work, I saw an old lady that seemed to have been frozen in place. She was just standing completely still as a statue there, all alone and staring forward at absolutely nothing. I thought to myself: Was she asleep? Was she dead? No, that can't be right, you cannot be either of those things and remain upright. I just kept to my own business and walked past her... when I reached the end of that road I looked back and she was still there, unmoving. I wonder what that was about.

2. A couple of weeks ago, I saw a blind guy at the entrance of IT Park. I knew he was blind because he was wearing sunglasses and was using a cane to feel his way around-- you can't get much more stereotypically blind than that. Untypical for a blind guy, however, he seemed to be completely alone in the city beside a busy road. A couple of other people noticed how strange this was too, and they stood by watching to see what would happen. This situation could easily lead to disaster, and I was in no hurry, so I stood by observing the blind guy too. He made his way forward on the sidewalk, very slowly, one step at a time and using his cane to make sure he doesn't bump into anything. Then he reached the corner of a road intersection-- and he was about to cross it! Some guy rushed over to him and helped him cross the street. Whew.

3. There was this other time... A workmate of mine asked to borrow my ruler to check how many 1/16 of an inch there are in a ruler. He actually started counting and then I said "12 times 16?", and he thought for a while and said 192, then gave back the ruler and left. Dude, I don't care if you happen to stumble upon this blog entry... what the hell were you thinking?

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  1. let me guess, did this workmate get another ruler to measure the ruler he borrowed? wahahahaha

    linked you up, dude.