Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not much of a reader

It's sad to think about it, but I'm not nearly as interested in reading books as I used to be. Blame the internet, and television, and video games, and society in general-- my attention span has been worn down to a nub. I procrastinate on the internet and actually need to set aside time to watch TV shows and movies. There are barely any occasions in my spare time to sneak in video games, much less books.

It was in third grade that I read my first big novel, Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, at a time when the rest of my classmates were still reading Goosebumps and The Boxcar Children. I relished in pride at the thought that I was by far the intellectual one. These days I guess I'm still read more than the average person, but less than the average "reader". I don't get excited by much else than Harry Potter (which, of course, I will be buying on the morning of its release date in July).

Earlier today I was at the National Bookstore at SM Cebu, passing the time before watching An Inconvenient Truth (I'll get to that in another blog entry), when I came across their best-seller list. I was shocked* to realize that I had actually read four of the top ten best-selling fiction books. Then again, it gives me a twang of shame to admit that they were the four novels of Dan Brown.

*Not really shocked. Just mildly taken aback.

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