Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eye-Opening Photoshop

The point of a good Photoshopping is for people to not be able to tell that it's Photoshopped. In this one case, however, I'm just so pleased with the subtleness of the job I did that I can't help but show it off.

A few days ago I went looking for a new Facebook profile pic. People probably see me far more often on Facebook than they do in real life, so a good profile pic is a reflection of myself to the world.

Here's the original image I got:

It's a good enough close-up picture taken last month, but I couldn't get over the face that my right eye seems a bit sleepier than the other. Enter Photoshop.

I made a selection around the right eye with the Polygonal Lasso Tool, promoted to another layer, then stretched it vertically to increase hight by around 25%.

The other issue is that there's a reflection of lights on my left eye that isn't present on the right eye. So... Selection around the pupil of my left eye with a few pixels of feathering, then copy it on top of my right eye. Then decrease opacity a bit to make it more subtle.

Finished picture:

Of course, there is probably no one that would perceive the difference in the 50x50 image on people's news feeds, or even the 180x120 image on my profile page. But... yeah.

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