Friday, November 19, 2010

Music at McDonalds

So, I was at McDonalds at 7:15 AM today to get some breakfast. There was a guy sitting alone a table, probably in his 40s at least, having pancakes and reading his free newspaper.
He calls over to a guy behind the counter, gives a knowing look and points indistinctly towards the ceiling.
The employee behind the counter returns a puzzled expression. What?
"Music!", the guy says.
Employee's face is like, Really? He turns to a manager-looking person behind him and says something. Guy over there wants music. It's kind of early in the morning, McDonalds probably doesn't normally have their music at this time of the day. But how would I know, who notices that sort of stuff anyway.
Then they turn on the music.
I have no point to this story. Just thought it was weird.

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