Monday, November 15, 2010

Before and After: NLEX-C5 Interchange

Here's another stunning before-and-after find in Google Earth. This is located somewhere in northern Metro Manila, at the under construction interchange of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and C5 road.

Check it out in Google Maps. The map layer overlay still shows where the old roads used to be.

It's practically a whole village wiped out. The history of satellite imagery shows that a lot of the houses here have been existing since at least 2001. This must be one of those things I hear on the news about people causing a riot over their homes being demolished. Hard to blame them.


  1. Nah, these weren't squatters, these were private village homes. They were bought out to make this interchange possible.

    Also, I don't understand how this became the NLEX-C5 interchange since the link to C5 is a good 5 kilometers away (from North Ave. to Katipunan via CP Garcia).

  2. 1. I agree. These people are wealthy enough to move somewhere else, so there is not much worry.

    2. It is actually a short distance away, as nearby Mindanao Avenue is a part of C-5.

    3. This area has been completed. It is a cloverleaf interchange. But since this is a three-way access road interchange, why would they go clear out an entire subdivision and spend lots of money to build a cloverleaf interchange (which is a 4-way interchange and is expensive and takes up lots of space) to the access road, when the road can just as easily be, if not better served by a trumpet interchange (which is a 3-way interchange and is relatively cheap and takes up only a little space)? This might very well be the biggest construction/urban planning blunder I've ever seen!

  3. It's made as a cloverleaf interchange because there is a project that will use the opposite side of the interchange.

    The project will link it to Valenzuela.