Monday, January 4, 2010

Numbers of 2009

Here's a bunch of statistics from my past year. Mostly compiled from notes on my monthly calendars and expense records.

141 days in Cebu

206 days in Dumaguete

53 days in Manila

2 days in Bacolod

36 trips between Dumaguete and Cebu

7 plane rides

4 Philippine islands set foot on for the first time

171 days employed at NCR

46 days employed at HP

148 days spent unemployed

2 job interviews

1 successful job interview

4 weddings attended

1 baptisms attended

1 graduations attended

3 5K fun runs

9 movies watched at theaters

3215 pesos spent on cell phone load

72 blog entries


  1. Wow, this is one remarkable entry! Now I feel wanting to do like this. But for 2010. Happy new year!

  2. HP na ka! :)

    mike, care to exchange links?