Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Worst Headline in the World

"Black in White House"

Congratulations, Philippine Daily Inquirer. This is the worst headline in the world.

It was embarrassing enough the first time they did it in January.

Every newspaper in the universe saying the same thing on their front page headline. Is there a single one out there to pull it off with less refinement? Please, I could use the laugh.


  1. LOL.

    I've consulted some black friends regarding the use of "black" to call them, and the consesus that I've found is that they don't mind.

    Pinoys should stop being so self-conscious when it comes to English. African Americans are just as proud to be called black as we're proud to be called brown (that of course, excludes, all those gullible women with whitening creams).

    This of course, is as opposed to "negro" and "nigger", both of which are terms of derision, and are derived from the Greek "nekros", meaning "corpse".

    My only pet peeve is that the grammar is wrong. The April headline had correct grammar: this one was pinilit.

  2. Over at Jessica Zafra's site is a link to all the newspaper headlines around the world on the morning of Obama's win.

    None was as tasteless as the Inquirer's. It sounds silly when you consider that "Black" can be someone else's family name i.e. Jack Black, Joe Black, Norman Black.

    It's as if a certain Mr. Black, and not a Mr. Obama won the election.