Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cebu vs. Cebu: Cebu loses

"Come on chicken, let's play chicken... Come on chicken, are you chicken... taktaktaktak," said Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, wearing a black cape and cowboy hat and holding a figurine of a rooster, mocking Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña. The costume was a reference to "Tandang Zorra", a mocking nickname Osmeña had given her. "This Tandang Zorra would like to ask the chicken (Osmeña) what is the real deal in the Filinvest deal."

So goes yet another chapter in the story of one of the most pointless feuds in the universe: The feud between the local government units of Cebu Province and Cebu City.

Let this be the point where it crossed from merely ridiculous to I-just-can't-believe-this-shit.

Given the gleefully irresponsible Philippine media, it's hard to tell how much of this feud is real and how much is simply imaginary. I mean, how can this be real-- two elected officials, responsible for millions, acting like such babies. Then again, given the frequency and persistence of the reports it's undeniable that at least some animosity exists.

It's like the left hand fighting with the right-- nothing gets done. I'd bet most people are not even aware that the city government is independent from the provincial government. The pointlessness of these inflammatory theatrics is mind-boggling. Fight fire with fire, and this whole island will burn.

I could write a long post collecting evidence and examining, point for point, why this rivalry is as stupid and destructive as it is. But what's the point? If Tommy and Gwen can't see with their own eyes how stupid they're being, the power of logic would hardly be enough to pierce their thick skulls.

What the hell is wrong with you guys. You're acting like goddamn children. Filipinos deserve better.