Thursday, April 3, 2008

A good sign

I like this sign:

This picture was taken last Thanksgiving weekend, when some officemates and I went on a 13-hour drive from Atlanta to Washington DC. (That trip could have spawned a wonderful blog entry on it's own. Alas, the window of opportunity for that has passed, so now I'm just gonna talk about this sign.)

Shortly after crossing the border into North Carolina, we pulled into a rest stop along I-85. To our camera-happy delight, there was this lovely sign welcoming us to the state, giving us the chance to collect photographic evidence that we have indeed set foot on North Carolina.

Now, if you could divert your eyes from the handsome stranger for a moment and focus on the sign... Notice how simple it is. And so seemingly effortless. With all the resources at the disposal of this first world country, they could put up some fancy eye-catching monument paying tribute to... whatever it is North Carolina is famous for. Instead there's this utilitarian sign, bare-bones but simple and clean. Wooden. Cost effective. The font used for the text is Arial Narrow Bold. At the left is the flag of the state of North Carolina. Perhaps in that past couple of minutes I've put more thought into the composition of this blog entry than it took for North Carolina to come up with the design of this welcome sign... But it serves its purpose, and doesn't it just feel right?

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