Thursday, August 30, 2007

Silliman University Founder's Day Parade

Silliman University isn't a big tourist draw but it gives Dumaguete City its sense of identity. Its annual founder's day celebrations are a big deal for the city. The parade passes through the main street, pretty much shutting down most downtown traffic.

On Monday afternoon I just happened to be in Dumaguete when the parade came passing through. And, thank my good fortune, I happened to have my camera at the ready. My shots had to be chosen with care since the memory card was nearly full.

Marching bands with their miniskirt-wearing, baton-twirling majorettes.

The College of Business Administration's inexplicable random robot.

Representing the college of diabetes.

This unhappy-looking girl is holding a pig's head.

Healthy lungs woman.

...and her arch-nemesis, poison cigarette man.


I believe these people were either performing surgery or delivering a baby.

The domestic violence caravan. What you can't see in this pic are the husband and wife arguing violently on the back of the truck. (Not kidding)

And finally, Silliman's salute to the armored car.


  1. Hey, Mike: thanks for this post. Brings back memories. I always thought of Dumaguete as a parade city.

    So...Miss Dumaguete pics? ;-)

  2. Haha, yeah, a parade city... if I were just guy trying to get from one point to another through Perdices Street I'd be annoyed. Tons of occasions and opportunities to close the streets for a parade. It adds to the city charm though. :D

  3. What a God-send Silliman is. It reflects the love of King Jesus to the world!

    CH (LTC) Jeff Burnsed

  4. Silliman's Founder's Day is remembered well with the festivities in the Booth Area in front of the Main Library, where more than 150 booths are built, each having a gimmick, like Blind Date, Wedding Rites,etc. The one-week celebration is a unique event in the history of Philippine universities, where classes at the same time are not sacrificed by the students...More power Silliman!