Saturday, August 25, 2007

New pants are great!

Here's a fun fact: In the 22 years of my life, I have never on my own accord bought myself a pair of pants.

It has just never been a necessity for me before. I look into my closet and there has always been an ample supply of pants acquired as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts or graduation gifts and other gifts from such happy occasions. And I'm not a fashion-conscious person either, so as long as the pants do their job of covering up their assigned body parts I'm all set. There has been little necessity to do the work of stocking my closet when generous relatives have been eager enough to do that job for me, and thus I have never had the need nor the desire to actually go to a store and buy myself pants.

Until now!

Last weekend I went out to the Levi's store at the mall. There the pants are significantly more pricey than other brands, but with an already decent wardrobe I shall go for quality over quantity-- and get myself a pair of Dark Stonewash Levi's Regular Fit 505® Jeans. I don't know what that number means (and the Levi's website doesn't do much to answer my questions), but I am very much satisfied with my purchase. When I wear my new pants the sun shines brighter, food tastes better, and even the rainbows gleam with a previously unseen vibrancy!

The problem is, my new pants are so good that everything else pales in comparison. I'm currently wearing my last-week favorite pair of pants, and it feels old and shaggy, and I am not as pleased with them as I used to be. My standards have been raised so high by my new pants that they have become my only satisfactory pair of pants.

On the bright side, of all the problems there are in the world, "New pants too awesome" is quite an acceptable burden to bear.