Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lost in translation

Last weekend I went on a surprise post-election family vacation to Boracay. Maybe I'll blog about it sometime. Maybe not.

On the two hour barge trip from Negros to Panay there was a television showing what initially appeared to be some big-budget foreign language film, but upon closer inspection it revealed itself to actually be Casino Royale, a movie that I have watched before, except here it was dubbed with French dialogue. I could tell it was French because of the minuscule comprehension of the language that I've carried with me from my college French class (Plus, James Bond is still "James Bond" no matter what the language). Of course, the DVD was pirated, but surely there should be no shortage of pirated DVDs of movies in a language that can be, well, understood by the the audience it is intended for.

To make matters worse, the English subtitles that were displayed on screen seemed to be coming from a completely different movie. This made it hilariously watchable for a completely different reason, but I have to feel sorry for the other 50+ people on the barge watching this thing that actually thought that M was telling Bond that "Frequent urination is common among pregnant women". >_>