Sunday, May 6, 2007

Haha, it's like I know what I'm talking about

Rey Gamboa came out with this editorial a couple of days ago about government budget deficits, inflation rates, debt management-- the kind of economist stuff that would bore a normal person to tears. However... I, much like the guy that watches too much House and starts to think he's an actual diagnostician, pay close enough attention to the business section of the news that I begin to get delusions of knowing much more about economics than I actually do. Or maybe I actually do know some stuff, who knows.

At the end of his column, he invites readers to email him should they have any insights to share. And that I did.
Subject: Bizlinks comment

In your article you're eager to point out that the P52 billion budget deficit in the first quarter is more than 80% of the government's target for the whole year, but you neglected to mention that the government's spending target actually anticipates that the large bulk of the deficit will come in the first quarter. This is due to increased spending on infrastructure before the spending ban during the election period. The second quarter, if I recall correctly, is projected to have a small surplus, followed by small deficits in the third and fourth quarters. It is a mystery to me why the government has not been more aggressive in pointing out this fact to quell fears over the country's fiscal situation.
An actual reply is not something that should be hoped for or expected, but a reply did come within an hour. What a cool guy.
Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

Thank you for your email and reaction to BizLinks. Let's see whether the 2nd, 3rd & 4th qtrs will be able to compensate the huge deficit of the first qtr. And your point is well taken.


Rey Gamboa
Not the most insightful of replies, but it's cool to know my email was actually read by the person that it was addressed to. Plus, the fact that I wasn't berated for my precociousness makes me feel like less of a dunce.

Maybe people actually can become diagnosticians by watching a lot of House. ^___^