Saturday, March 31, 2007

2 GB in my pocket

My computer at home was neglected to the point of being unusable, and shelling out money for a full upgrade didn't seem practical, so two weeks ago I got me a USB flash drive as a stopgap solution. After all, my home computer isn't used as much more than a repository of my personal files-- all is well if I could just carry around my personal documents with me from one computer to another. I think 2 gigs is enough for that, with some room to spare.

I went over to a small nearby computer store intending to just scout for flash drive prices, and found a 2 GB flash drive for just P1200 (and from a well known brand too, Kingston). I was so elated at the value that I bought it right then and there. Last time I checked on the prices of these things, that much money would only buy 512 MB.

Recently I checked back at that same store, and the USB flash drive I bought two weeks ago is now available for P200 less than the price I got it at. Normally this is something that would annoy me, but it's just nice to see technology progressing so rapidly before my eyes.

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