Monday, March 26, 2007

Chocolate fountain

Last night I went to a high school graduation party of a rich guy's daughter. It was very posh and elegant for a graduation party (I don't recall having any such celebration when I graduated high school, which felt more like a natural step rather than a real achievement to celebrate). In fact, there was something that felt peculiarly "un-Filipino" about the affair. There were scripted speeches from the mother and the father, and the little sister read a custom prayer for the blessing of the food. It felt very rehearsed, in contrast to the usual food-centered spontaneous Filipino party.

A live band of teenagers provided ambient music. The party was professionally catered, and among the food at the buffet table was baby back ribs. At the center of the table, surrounded by several cakes, was an impressive fountain of chocolate for dipping marshmallows and pieces of fruit.

At one point there were even fireworks lighting up the sky nearby, providing a extravagant and beautiful backdrop to the party, just like at the ending of Meet Joe Black. But it turns out the fireworks were unrelated to the party... I guess they were coming from some other event. I overheard the host making a joke like "If only those fireworks were a bit closer, we could pretend to take credit for them". Hah, whatever dude, you can't play the humility card when the centerpiece of your buffet table is a gushing fountain of chocolate.

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  1. I'd argue that that party is actually not so unusual for the higher-class, image-conscious segment of Philippine society.