Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cell phone statistics

It seems my Nokia cell phone (I forget the model number) keeps statistics on the total number of messages and total duration of calls it has ever performed in its lifetime. I got this phone in early 2005, and haven't reset the counters since then:
  • 9301 Sent messages
  • 9962 Received messages
  • 6:01:02 Received calls' duration
  • 16:12:03 Dialed calls' duration
The number of sent and received messages seems sensible enough. Assuming I've had the phone for two years, that would come to an average about 12.74 messages sent and 13.65 messages received daily. It makes sense for the number of received messages to be higher, taking into account the occasional ads and notices I get from Smart (and the fact that I'm not always diligent with replying to people).

But the duration of calls, now this comes as a surprise. I rarely call people unless it's for something urgent. Six hours of received calls? Sixteen hours of dialed calls? Have I really spent nearly an entire day over the past two years speaking on the phone? Even if you were to assume that the time spent waiting for a person to answer is counted as part of the call, the figures still seem really high to me.

On a side note, I wish my mouse would keep track of the total length it meters (or kilometers!) that I have moved it, and the total number of times I have clicked each button. That would be something interesting.

On another side note, that iPhone is sexy.

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