Friday, April 9, 2010

Cebu in 2005 and 2009

Google Maps recently updated their satellite imagery for Cebu City, for the first time in years. The previous data was from 2005, and the new data brings a whole four-year jump to 2009. Here are some highlights of what's changed.

Mandaue Reclamation Area
Previously barren land now has the glorious Cebu International Convention Center, and just across the street is the new Parkmall.

Asiatown IT Park
Five new high rise office buildings and a newly rebuilt mall. The jail beside the business park has been dismantled. And amazingly, the slum area to the north disappeared and was replaced by greenery.

Cebu Business Park
A bunch of new high rise hotels, office buildings, and Ayala Center Cebu added a new expansion wing and the wonderful Terraces.

SM City Cebu
The already huge SM City Cebu added a huge expansion wing on top of its parking lot, making it the 4th largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the 11th largest in the world.

South Road PropertiesSadly the area that showed endless promise in 2005 still has nothing to show for it but endless promise today. Aside from extravagant street lights and a pointless red sidewalk to nowhere, the place is practically unchanged.

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  1. Clouds magically appeared over both my office building and my house, Google hates me