Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cancerous cynicism, dishonesty, and lack of accountability

A few days ago former Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz made headlines with some nonsense warning about President Arroyo perpetuating herself in power or whatever. Honestly I can't recall exactly what it was he was warning about this time, but I wouldn't heed it any attention, and neither should you.

You've probably forgotten, but the opposition in this country-- to any administration-- has this bad habit of disregarding reality. They seem to have a particular fetish for predicting martial law, our country's ultimate boogeyman:
And that's just from a few minutes of searching the online archives. Online newspaper archives older than that are hard to come by, but there are articles on more martial law whiners from 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, and even as far back as 1997. Of course, every single one of them was downright wrong.

And it's not just martial law-- in recent years there's been a bizarre pattern of behavior among the opposition to predict the apocalypse at every turn, and they've been wrong every time. Wrong about the E-VAT, wrong about the Human Security Act, wrong about US relations, wrong about the economy, wrong about elections not pushing through. Tip of the iceberg.

Time for a reality check. It's mind boggling how these folks could be so wrong, so often, so consistently, and still maintain any respect at all among the public. Their pompousness, cancerous cynicism, dishonesty, and lack of accountability is more than just an annoyance. It's damaging this country.


  1. Oh no, they'll answer you, by preempting the announcement of Martial Law and other scary things, they have successfully stopped the administration from implementing its evil plans!

  2. This simply means, we should stop listening to these figure heads and start thinking for ourselves.

  3. In 2006, Arroyo signed Proclamation 1017, authorized calibrated preemptive response against rallies, and approved the filing of trumped-up charges against some critics (which led to the arrest of Satur and the detention of Ka Bel). By 2009, there were already a 1,000 murdered activists.

    She knew, of course, that the public won't allow her to declare martial so she circumvented the rules. The Supreme Court later struck down this emergency rule bulls--t.

    Actually, the prevailing cynicism is a product of Arroyo's spin that we can't do anything, that she's the best, and that no one else can do it better. It is a spin swallowed hook, line and sinker by most of the middle class and the upper class -- and they should not complain that we're in this rut for so many years now.

    As to the political opposition, I do not admire them. They have yet to offer a clear alternative to the current administration.

    I therefore agree with sparks that the true state of the nation, prevailing since 2001, should embolden us to think beyond traditional politics, and depend on ourselves as a people, develop our own leader, and soon enough take over for the common good.

  4. I think we should just all stop listening to these people who like to tell us we're f**ked. Because then, we stop trying to do ANYTHING with our lives because we're all f**ked anyway.

  5. Will catching a thief in the act and calling his attention with "HUY!" will most probably make him continue stealing? Of course not. The next logical thing he'd do is run away to foremost pursue self preseravation. Could it be that the stench of Martial Law was so thick at those times, thanks to staged fumigation or otherwise, that when somebody called it out, BAM, Martial Law went pussyfoot. At the the end of the day, after all's said and done, I can still say Martial Law had been preempted countless times as others fap to the tune of "it's all been a figment of the left's hyperactive imagination." Theoretically, a murderer can't be convicted of homicide when all he's done is enact the way he's going to kill his victim inside his head even if he's made it happen countless times since 1997.

  6. Wow, fritz. Until now I couldn't believe anyone could be deluded enough to say that out loud and actually believe it. That's preposterous.

  7. Reminds of a movie about psychic cops capturing future criminals before they get to hurt anyone. I guess I can be assured that the opposition's psychic powers will save us again in the future.

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