Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

This morning, for the first time in several weeks, I felt the urge to watch a movie. Something quick, something easy, something that doesn't matter. So I watched an 89-minute movie called Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Michael Cera plays the same character in every movie, and I suspect his star will fade fast when he outgrows the part. He's the introverted sincere type that lives life as an observer and seems to be experiencing everything for the first time. A kind of guy I can relate to, actually.

Nick and Norah hop around New York City from one strange adventure to another, an assortment of scenes strung together by the search for a mysterious band called Where's Fluffy. Sometimes it feels like just a bunch of stuff that happens, and you start to wonder if this movie's playlist really is infinite. But it's extremely easy to watch, and just as inconsequential at the title suggests, which was exactly the kind of movie I was in the mood for.

From what I could gather, the characters seem to be around 18 or so, and although 90% of the movie takes place out in the streets of New York it still seems to perfectly fit the category of a high school movie. There's the pretty popular girl that's a bitch on the inside, the slightly-more-homely girl who's far more likable, the earnest but reserved main character guy... These are the typical high school movie stereotype characters, right? Or maybe that really was what high school was like.

Some people think that these high school movies are made for high school people, but I'd argue that it's just as much made for those who want to relive the era, for one reason or another. There's something alluring about the atmosphere of high school. Just like how Harry Potter was more magical when there were a few books that hadn't been written, and the awesomeness of the ending was limited only by the bounds of your imagination.


  1. Saw this on Sunday night, I think. By myself.
    My favorite characters were actually the 3 gay members of Michael Cera's band. They were fun :D and cute. And my favorite icky scene was that one in the toilet where the girl's cellphone and gum fell in... Loved how the movie ended, with dawn just breaking over NYC.
    But. I'm not really quite getting the title though. What is infinite playlist exactly alluding to?

  2. I could think up some theories about the title, but I would just be grasping at straws... It's probably a metaphor for something, and probably explained in the book the movie is based on. :p