Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Government waste

I found this silly example of government waste while waiting at a bus stop at the border of Argao and Sibonga in Cebu.

Notice the two identical signs on both sides of the street.

Welcome: Cebu 4th Engineering District

Welcome: Cebu 2th Engineering District

Would it have been so hard for these two engineering districts to use their heads a bit, get some talks going, and just build a single signpost with the welcome messages on both sides? Look at this... those are first-class quality road signs. They don't come cheap. With so much poverty around, and when we are so lacking in terms of road signs and other infrastructure, this is not the way that money should be spent.

This kind of thing happens all the time, especially in the Philippines, and not just in government. A lack of people working together for common sense solutions to shared problems.

Amidst the absurdity of it all, I nearly forgot to mention an even more basic issue: That the only people these signs help are the people who made them. They could have simply been signs welcoming travelers to to municipalities of Argao or Sibonga. Why would anyone ever ever need to be welcomed to an engineering district?

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