Sunday, December 7, 2008

How can Manny top this?

This wasn't a fight that Manny Pacquiao was supposed to win. This was supposed to be the ridiculous dream fight so mismatched that he could go down in a loss and no one would think the less of him for it.

But after eight lopsided rounds, a beaten and battered Oscar de la Hoya threw in the towel.

And Manny made it look so easy.

Next he should fight, like, two people at a time. Oscar de la Hoya plus a midget. Just to throw in a bit more excitement. I mean, after Oscar de la Hoya... how can he possibly top that?

Favorite quote:

"It's nothing personal," Pacquiao said after the fight. "It's not about Mexicans and Filipinos. It's about putting on a performance and making people happy. It is not my ambition to beat all Mexicans. I love Mexicans too."

What a guy.