Saturday, August 16, 2008

A disgusting performance by Recah Trinidad

If you've been following my entries you'll know I have little love for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, but I was stunned by the utter backwardness of the piece I came across just today.

"Team Philippines: Who’s the biggest flop of all?", written by Recah Trinidad.

The whole direction of the editorial is to make the Filipino Olympic athletes currently competing in Beijing look like bumbling incompetents falling over themselves. He refers to "dismal Philippine failures", and asks "who's the dumbest among the early Filipino losers".

He stupidly calls swimmer Miguel Molina "mediocre" and "lucky he did not drown", apparently because he performed 32/100 of a second off of his own Philippine record in the 200m breaststroke.

He stupidly faults our 17 year old wildcard entry in weightlifting, Hidilyn Diaz, because beating her own personal best apparently didn't lift her above 11th place.

He stupidly chides long jumper Henry Dagmil for not making the Olympic qualifying mark "despite repeated tries", as if jumping 8.05 meters is something that could be expected from anyone.

The lack of medals is obviously disappointing to the public, but to paint our Olympians as losers? What mindboggling disrespect! How many medals have you won? Who the hell do you think you are? Let me tell you: You're a discredited fringe bigot peddling a piece of garbage article with no other intent than to humiliate the athletes representing the country we love.

The sheer idiocy of this jackass speaks for itself. I mean, even though I often disagree with The Inquirer's slant, how could this imbecile have slipped into the ranks of their columnists? If it were up to me I'd fire him on the spot.

Absolutely shameful, Recah. Just sickening.


  1. thanks for dropping by my wordpress. i was appalled at his statements and i had mentioned pouring salt in the wounds of our filipino athletes. they're good enough here. wag na sana sila idamay sa iba...please. damn him.

  2. There are some people of that mind--if we have no chance of winning, then why even bother joining? That can be said of our participation in practically everything international, from the Olympics to the Imagine Cup to the ACM. I think people of this mind miss an important point: how can we ever improve if we don't try? The point is to use the competitions to bring out our best, to see how we measure up (humiliating as that may be) and to use the success or failure as a driver to improving in the future.

  3. That´s what myself said in german language.
    The real flop is what the Inquirer wrote. One of the dumbest headlines since ever.

  4. Blatant cynicism and pointless propaganda. I dropped them a message from the website.