Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm going to miss having a right big toenail

Apparently the sliding door to the shower at home was not properly secured in its bearings. As I attempted to slide the door open, the entire door came out of place and landed right on my toe-- the large one on my right foot, which, now that I think of it, may just have been my favorite!

The injured toenail was immediately blackened. I yelped out in pain and struggled to retain composure as I hopped around naked on my remaining good foot.

Summary: I'm going to miss having a right big toenail.

Well, the nail is still currently hanging on to the skin, but I knew from the moment of impact that it was doomed to come off. The first 24 hours or so were marked by a swelling of the gray flesh under the toenail, which eventually grew to raise my toenail by a full centimeter. This turned out to be a bubble full of blood, which quickly seeped its way out once it found itself an exit.

Yesterday I decided to take the day off from work, although my injury is not disabling to the point that it prevents me from reaching the workplace and sitting down for eight hours. Coming to the office would have been a tolerable inconvenience-- tolerable in the sense that I would escape the ordeal with my life intact. But with the gloom brought on by the persistent throbbing pain in my toe, exacerbated by the slight onset of the common cold, spending an entire day trapped at work would compound my miseries to a level that, if at all possible, would best be avoided.

P.S. I have decided for the sake of you, dear reader, not to post an image of my misshapen claw.