Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Asiatown IT Park building construction projects

It's a strange obsession of mine, but I like watching construction and tracking its progress. When I see construction I see potential. More buildings mean more businesses, meaning more jobs, meaning more progress and prosperity. I like progress and prosperity!

Asiatown IT Park in Cebu is a wonderland of potential. The streets have a nice grid layout, the roads are wide and clean, and its five office buildings have an occupancy rate of 100%, and five more buildings are being constructed. Here's all the buildings currently under construction:

TG Tower
TG Tower will be a 15-floor office building. Asiatown previously had a huge grassy area with a perimeter of mid-rise buildings, then this thing popped up in the middle and disrupted the clear view. Work on the basement foundation started sometime around August 2007, and construction is currently up to the 7th floor.

eBloc will be a 12-floor office building, being built at a cost of P900 million. It's developed by Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation (CPVDC), the same group that developed Asiatown IT Park itself. Construction began sometime around August 2007, and it's projected to be completed in November 2008.

i2 Annex
The i2 Annex is a 18-floor office building adjacent to the i2 Building. When it's done it will be Asiatown's tallest. It's called an annex but it's much taller than the original. Based on the rendering it looks like it will complement the original building's design nicely. Construction is currently up to the 13th floor and rising fast.

Skyrise 2
Skyrise 2 is a 12-floor office building adjacent to the 8-floor Skyrise 1. It has surpassed its neighbor's height, and construction is currently up to the 10th floor.

IT Mall
I have no rendering for this building, but there's no need-- it looks like it's almost done. Like all business park developments in the Philippines, Asiatown is also going to be anchored by a mall. This will supposedly be open 24-hours to cater to the crazy nocturnal call center people. I'm not even sure what the real name of this thing is, but I recall hearing that it's something cheesy and patronizing like "IT Mall".


  1. Wow. These buildings are breathtaking. Glad to know that Cebu is being progressive. I'm excited to see these graceful towering buildings the next time I visit. By the way, I've been a silent reader of your blog since a week ago. I've read all your entries and, i must say, you're an excellent writer. Keep your articles coming.

  2. wow, okay na jud sa cebu da. daghan na jud mga construction that's why when i get back home from time to time i'm always amazed.

  3. Wow Excellent and its really a great work. Thank you and keep up the good work.