Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Anti-Aries

I have this bookmark which I have been seeing a lot of lately (since I am rereading the sixth Harry Potter book). My birthday is April 9, and the text on the bookmark is as follows!

March 21 - April 20

You're a leader,
an initiator,
and a risk taker.
You see the big
picture and make
quick decisions.

Energetic · Warmhearted
Adventurous · Assertive
Enterprising · Generous

Usually these horoscope things are vague enough so that just about anyone can apply it to themselves, but this one is totally off the mark. It is as though they extracted the essence of my personality and enumerated the characteristics that it is not.

The few times that I do go out on a limb to assert or initiate are those times that I am confident that there is minimal risk involved. Because of this low risk tolerance, I wouldn't consider myself very enterprising at all. I only make significant decisions after careful and drawn-out deliberation. I tend to micromanage and take charge of projects on my own, but I do not put myself in a position of leadership (though others sometimes would make a leader out of me).

While I'm no coldblooded moster, "warmhearted" and "generous" are not among my more prominent traits.

The "you see the big picture" part is accurate though. I like to think that I see the big picture. :->

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