Friday, April 20, 2007

It is hot in the Philippines

Last night I slept with an electric fan pointed in my direction, wearing nothing more than boxers, yet I still kept sweating onto my pillow enough to require me to shift positions every few minutes.

Perhaps worse than the heat is the constant sticky feeling in the air that makes even breathing a less pleasurable experience. Sometimes I begin to consider the possibility that the Philippines, much like the Sahara Desert or the South Pole, is simply not a suitable natural habitat for the human species.

Damn you, equator!


  1. oh you're locky.we still have snow over here !

  2. At least with cold weather you can dress yourself warmly. With hot weather, you can't dress yourself cold.

  3. I just arrived home from a 3 week visit to Dumaguete.On my last day there I met a man from Norway who said of the heat..."you just blink your eyes and you work up a sweat">